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Hi, we’re Derek and Sarah Frenzel, wedding and lifestyle photographers, business educators and creative strategists.  We have been entrepreneurs for over 10 years, building and growing our photography businesses.  Along the way we’ve been honored to capture hundreds of weddings, serve many families, companies, and other business owners… all while growing our family that now includes 5 children ages 11 down to 1 1/2!

Over a decade ago when we started, we had a love of photography as an art, but really no clue what we were doing as a business… there was way too much trial and error, and at times, we really struggled to get traction!  But once we began to invest in BUSINESS mentorship and education, we were able to:

  • Turn our knowledge and efforts into a six figure photography business year after year.
  • Support our growing family, while having free time to BE with our family.
  • Travel where we wanted, and take days of when we wanted!

We were even able follow our hearts to move our family from Southern, CA to Nashville, TN…  where we “re-started” our business and build it into another six figure photography studio within the first year!

Our passions are being present for our childrens lives, pursuing our God-given dreams, creativity, business, and THRIVING in life!   We would love to come alongside to help equip you to build the business and life of your dreams too!

We will soon be launching a group coaching program where you will:

  • Be equipped with the business and strategic knowledge needed to build and grow a successful photography business.
  • Invest in strengthening and leveraging your businesses biggest asset… YOU!
  • Have peer support and our mentorship as you apply what you are learning in real time.
  • Have A LOT of FUN while taking BIG steps toward a business and life you love!

So be sure to sign up (Along the top bar, or bottom of page) to receive updates about the launch of the program, plus FREE monthly lessons, tips, and resources straight to your inbox.

We look forward to seeing you thrive in business and life!




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